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Carl Hutchinson is a stand-up comedian going from strength to strength, and after a very successful 2015, we caught up with him to catch up on his year just gone and find out what the future has in store.

So Carl, how was your 2015?

Great thanks, I had a lovely Edinburgh Festival. The numbers were excellent and creatively it was the most pleased I’ve been about a show in the four years I’ve been writing hour shows. I had the opportunity to perform on Chris Ramsey’s tour again which only gets better and better. The exposure has been tremendous, it means I can start seriously thinking about getting a little tour of my own going. Plus I got to wrestle a little which has been nothing but fun.

What was your best moment of the year?

Newcastle City Hall…Twice! 2200 people, all sold out, all Geordies just out for a laugh. I never am not nervous however, Chris was saying to me in December  “mate, it’s all sold out, you’re from Newcastle and you’re the support act AND you’ve done it before, you have nothing to worry about!” It was exhilarating, can’t wait to go back.

Your worst moment of the year?

Moving house between Christmas and New Year, it’s as rank as it sounds. Topped only by the time I moved house when I was 20 on acid. THAT was rank.

Your favourite song of 2015?

Mate, unless Warren Zevon comes back from the dead I don’t think I can answer that question. Just had to google bands and songs of 2015. Christ. I enjoy erm, what they called, Gas Men….Gaslight Anthem. I like them, plenty Springsteen in them which is never a bad thing. Handwritten is a fine song, as is Here’s Looking At You Kid, I think it’s called that anyway.

Favourite film of 2015?

Whiplash. That was this year right? Sophie (my girlfriend) and I went to see It’s a Wonderful Life at the Tyneside Cinema, does that count?

What was your favourite gig of 2015?

The Stand, Newcastle at Christmas. The Stand has almost became my home from home with the Wednesday new material night Red Raw, my now bi-annual tour shows and their regular comedy weekends Thursday to Saturday. Again, when you perform all over the UK every week on trains, planes (yes it’s cheaper to fly to Bristol so don’t be thinking I’m a dick saying that), endless taxis and dodgy postcodes on foot, there’s nothing better than performing in your hometown. Aside from the fact you get to be in your own bed at a reasonable hour, you feel like you’re amongst friends at any Stand venue, but Newcastle Stand just feels that touch more special for a local act like myself. Where else can I do jokes about Blueline Taxis?

Oh fuck, just realised you probably meant which gig I’ve been to don’t you? Well don’t I sound like a self important wanker? I had a weekend off back in March or April I think and rather than try to get a last minute job I decided a few weeks in advance that I’d keep it off to see Rodriguez, Sugar Man. Sophie and I got the train up to Glasgow to watch him at the (will not mention that particular company because they’ve been a right fuck on in the changing of bill from the old house to the new house; if it says credit on your account WHY DO I STILL OWE YOU MONEY!? A DIRECT DEBIT AND BILL SOUND THE FUCKING SAME TO ME YOU ABSOLUTE BUNCH OF WANKERS) arena, booked a hotel, bought the t-shirt, drank beer and ate hotdogs, you know those really rank hotdogs they sell at concerts? I had two. He was amazing, north of 70 years old and he was superb. Unfortulatly I dont have the t-shirt as my suitcase was stolen on a train from Birmingham to Newcastle. Wakefield, if you see anyone in a Rodriguez shirt chances are it’s mine.

And finally, what’s 2016 got in store for you?

Back on tour with Ramsey, I’ll be back at the Edinburgh festival with a new show and I’ll be touring my old and new shows throughout the year so keep an aye out on my website and twitter.

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