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County Durham ‘cowboy indie pop’ quartet Reservoirs drop their second EP, functionally titled EP2. The EP is rich in lo-fi charm and sonically is composed of tender twangs of Americana, shuffling rhythms and rumbling bass that provides a warm, foot-tapping platform for the charming blend of melodious and baritone vocals. Listening to it conjures up images of high-school romance, variety show splendour and holidaying in the Med. 

Here, the band tell us about what their perfect show would look like… 

Our Dream show would be some sort of Giant Stadium gig, but it’s in Consett, maybe they could stick it next to the big Tesco.

We’d headline it obviously, but I’d try and get some supports together, still be pretty daft that these would support us, but Johnny Cash opens the show, he never did play there, and for a guy who had a song called I’ve been everywhere, I find that disappointing. Then a band with Joe Pass on Guitar, Thundercat on Bass and Buddy Rich is on Drums, playing for Ella Fitzgerald who fronts the supergroup.

We come on and play maybe an hour, maybe less, we don’t have a million songs and don’t think we’ve ever played more than 30 mins. Maybe 35 mins, but no encore. Anyways, it all goes pretty well, my pal Marco from U Ciabot in South Moor does the scran and we all head to the Grey Horse after.


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