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North-East record label Kitchen Practice releases Into Practice, a mixed-media showcase of DIY work from Kitchen Practice artists alongside some specially selected guests. It features a variety of audio forms, deviating from its music base, with recordings of prose, poetry and sound art. 

Included on the compilation are Spider Noises, Frank Lloyd Wleft, Watch Paint Dry, Tsitra Park, Pink Poison, Friends of the Monday Table, No Country for Thin Men, Will Ormsby and Women’s Fashion

Label head, Lloyd Bolton tells us about his dream show involving some of the artists featured on Into Practice…

I would like to think Into Practice could work as a live show, at least if we imagine some of us are able to transcend our own corporeality for a few hours. The album already has a bit of a variety show feel to it, especially with the narrated interludes. We would definitely get Johnny Opposite, whoever he actually is, to compere. I’m imagining a few different rooms, maybe even something on the scale of a modern Club Zoo. The first you’d enter would have Friends of the Monday Table playing live throughout the evening, improvising based on what people are wearing, recording the chatter on room mics and echoing it back to the listener and probably projecting old Jacques Cousteau tv shows on the walls… all in all a bit of an acid test setup.

We move through this room to the bar, where Tsitra Park is serving drinks in a green morph suit, singing ‘drink responsibly’ slogans to the tune of ‘Fairytale of New York’. Beyond here you move to the main stage, which will have a lineup of the most traditional acts on our compilation: Pink Poison, Watch Paint Dry (and perhaps also her excellently named new project So On’s Hotwheels), Spider Noises with a full backing band (an eternal aim for us to convene here at Kitchen Practice), my solo project Frank Lloyd Wleft (also with backing band, maybe even a dedicated sax player!). An imaginary Women’s Fashion headline, one that is still going strong, where we all actually remember how to play the songs, where Jack doesn’t drop his sticks at all mid-set, where I can hit all the notes while also singing loud enough. That’ll be the day. Who knows, perhaps there will even be a fleeting materialisation of the semi-mythical No Country for Thin Men at this bizzaro event.

Meanwhile, in a room to the side we have a performance space for spoken performances, where we can expect readings from Will Ormsby and perhaps also me and Spider Noises delivering our own prose and poetry pieces. Between these sets perhaps we’d get Tina Weymouth Pt. 2 to play, for space to absorb the words and also to revel in that band name. To close things off we’d most certainly have to get some DJs in the main room to run a big ol party, their only requirement from me being to occasionally impose some of my mambo and yé-yé picks on the unsuspecting masses.

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