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Newcastle-based musical outfit Citrus drop their debut EP, Away From Home, a five-track offering that reflects on the experiences the band shared when leaving home to move to Newcastle for university (which is where they formed). From the dreamy and ethereal opening track of Drift, to the rhythmic, brassed-up turbulence of Eye Of The Storm, to the jazzy/folky tenderness of Seasons, the EP take the listener on a melodious voyage filled with confident creativity and expansive, ear/heartwarming sonic loveliness. 

Here, the band tell us what their perfect event would look like…

Location: A lemon orchard – do these exist? Maybe in Sicily, then we’d get the sun too. Don’t worry about flights, people can just teleport to Italy for ease. The tricky part is that the gig actually takes place inside the eye of the storm (wink wink), but once people have got through that they’ll be surrounded by lemon and orange trees, and we’re just chilling, playing tunes. So it’s totally worth it. And everyone can pick a lemon to take away with them after the show! 

Staging: The stage will be a massive lemon with a wedge cut out of it, which is where we’ll be. The smell of this will permeate the entire orchard – but the nice smell of fresh lemon, or lemon Fanta – not like a freshly bleached bathroom. You might think that performing on a lemon would 

be a bit messy but this is our dream show so we don’t have any issues and the stage is such a success that it changes the future of stage design forever. Also the drums would be in one of those cages that turn upside down just for fun, but this doesn’t affect Elle’s playing at all ‘cause she’s a total beast. Unlimited fireworks and confetti cannons would feature throughout the show at perfectly timed moments. The sun would also set beautifully during the last song to add to the wholesome vibes. 

Refreshments: Naturally we would only be serving citrus-related drinks. Lemonade both still and sparkling, orange and lemon Fanta, orange Lucozade, limoncello, tequila and lime, pints of Citra Star (shoutout Anarchy Brewery!!) Buck’s fizz. There’s something for everyone. Halfway through the show we’d bring out trays of orange wedges for some light refreshment. 

Other details: There’d be a pool of (non-sticky) lemonade where people can cool down and float on massive orange, lemon and lime slices. James and Jacob would probably end up floating off into the sunset together #bromance. Every attendee would receive a goody bag containing CITRUS merch, more lemon-y drinks, a disposable camera and a signed copy of the EP (with secret bonus features)… 

Eleanor’s keen to add that there would be no queues for the loo, they would smell lemon fresh and be in pristine condition at all times. 

We must finish this piece with the most important element of our dream show which is that apart from being 100% environmentally friendly it’s also totally free! Money isn’t even real in this dream world, everyone just cracks on and parties and celebrates live music. Yay!

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