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Ever the charmer, Rich Hall began by describing the Tyne Theatre as ‘decrepit’, much to the surprise of the audience, but the harsh (and unfair, we believe!) description is simply another hallmark of Hall’s deadpan style.

He went on to tear into American eating habits, their presidential rock and a hard place, Liverpudlian in-laws, ABBA, BBC4, places beginning with W and the poor bloke sat on his own at the front.  Despite being delivered in his usual Syzslak style and while sporting a Stetson and a plaid shirt it somehow didn’t come across as aggressive, in fact I felt sorry for him in his desperation, between tears of laughter that is; the only thing that didn’t seem to rile him was Brexit!  There’s a reason this man gets on the telly (he took time to plug his upcoming series), and that was evident last night as he had the crowd howling.  His improvised songs were funny, but his final punctuation in each one of ‘what was that?!’ was quite apt, perhaps the folks picked out from the audience weren’t up to scratch, it’s hard to take the mickey out of an Emergency Room nurse!  He ended the set with a series of songs about British truckers, working dogs and racist grandparents, culminating in a scathing attack on Bob Dylan, which even the most ardent Dylanites couldn’t have helped laughing at.

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