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At the average comedy gig I laugh out loud (LOL, if you please) a few times, but this was no average comedy gig.  This was a cleverly assembled, sharp, sometimes political, perfectly timed masterpiece of a gig. Lost Voice Guy, or Danny, as he doesn’t like to be called (because it isn’t his name), ventures into areas most other comedians daren’t tread, he pushes the boundaries of acceptability only in the audience’s mind.  There is nothing offensive in his set, unless you happen to be a Conservative (in every sense of the word), but he is the only comedian I’ve seen that makes it OK to laugh at the name Count Spackula…

His delivery is a constant and brilliant impression of that bloke that voiceovers the X Factor and is supported with choice video clips, although this is aided by the fact he uses a speech machine because he can’t speak, so I guess he can’t take all the credit.  Overall, Disability for Dummies: Volume 2 is one of the funniest comedy gigs I’ve seen, ever.  Oh, and by the way, he has cerebral palsy, but he hardly ever mentions it.

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