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Following a sold-out Edinburgh fringe run, Fern Brady popped into The Stand on her massive UK tour as part of the venue’s Newcastle Alternative festival. The theme stemmed from her show’s title, Power And Chaos, during which she explored many facets of modern living from her own delightful point of view. 

The show, really, is about her resilience. Among other things, Fern explores the desire to reclaim her own identity in a world she feels keeps trying to label her. She talks about her Asperger’s diagnosis, her refusal to be defined by classist, Scottish stereotypes, coming to terms with her bisexuality, encounters with cat-callers, her involuntary broodiness and her obsession with cute animal videos. There is never an ounce of self-pity in Fern’s delivery and punchlines are so matter of fact the subtler points almost get through to the audience subconsciously. The flippancy with which she talks about her mental health and relationships fit her character and make it easy for the crowd to laugh along with challenging discussions. Her material is the kind that doesn’t develop out of formulaic joke writing, but out of her strongly developed comedic voice and unique take on the world around her. Fern delivered honest, personal material with a lightness and charm that made it impossible not to side with her.  Power And Chaos was tight, well-written and most simply, really, really funny. It was the best example of the kind of comedy that leaves you with a warm feeling in your stomach, a smile on your face and something to think about. 

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