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Ahead of FRET!’s performance at Stockton Calling on Saturday 31st March (the band play the NARC. stage at The Green Room), FRET! drummer Rob Woodcock – a connoisseur of low-budget/high-fun indie horror production house Troma – tells us about his five favourite Troma movies.

1. CITIZEN TOXIE The best ever outing for Tromaville’s hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength.

2. POULTRYGEIST, NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD A flame-grilled ‘up yours’ to Mctakeaway culture, present and past. And also a Cath Tyler personal fave.

3. FATHER’S DAY Technically a non in-house Troma film, but Astron 6 are killing it in the modern day no budget era.

4. SURF NAZIS MUST DIE Just look at the title. Pushing the boundaries big style. Also a Steve Strode personal fave.

5. MOTHER’S DAY Again, not an in-house production but made by Lloyd’s brother Charles. The only well-made film on this list that at least has a narrative.

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