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Middlesbrough’s pop/rock singer-songwriter, McCormick releases his brand new single, The Secret, available on all streaming platforms. It’s an upbeat, uplifting track with a sound that nods to the ’90s and a super-slick production, ideal for alleviating those lockdown blues. 

To celebrate its release McCormick tells us about five people, bands and events that played a big part in his musical adventure over the last 10 years.

Mike Frankland (Producer)
I first met Mike aka The Vest, around 2009. I was going to record some tracks with a different vocalist, called Linzi Hunter, when Mike suggested I try singing them. And that is how it all began.

In 2010 the first album was released, When Butterflies Attack and in 2013 Goosebumps. Mike was an amazing Producer, and a multi-talented musician, with a wicked sense of humour e.g. “sounds great, but can you try singing it in the right key next time!”

Angie Taylor ( Promoter)
About the same time as I started recording , I decided I should venture out and start performing. But where? I had been out of the music scene for quite a while and had no idea where to start, then I heard about Angie Taylor. She regularly puts on open mics and Friday night gigs at The Princess Alice in Middlesbrough.

A lot of North East bands owe her a debt of gratitude for providing somewhere that they could play no matter what genre.  Mind, God help you if you weren’t ready to go on at your allocated time!

It is at these Princess Alice nights that I met many amazing musicians like Carl Green of Head Of Light Entertainment who to this day, are still one of my favourite live acts.

The Kids Are Solid Gold  (Promoter) 
I was fortunate  enough to be invited by Andy Carr to play at one of his shows, opening for Norman Blake and Euros Child’s band Jonny at The Westgarth, Middlesbrough. This subsequently led to playing at more of his shows, including appearing with Boo Hewedine, supporting Cattle and Cane to a sold-out Georgian Theatre, and appearing on their curated stage for Stockton Calling.

TKASG are fantastic to work with. 

It is at one of these shows I came across the singer from possibly my favourite north east band….

Matty Chipchase  (Young Rebel Set)
I met Matty when we were both supporting Curtis Eller (an amazing singer/songwriter banjo player from the USA). Several years later I managed to catch a few of his songs on Youtube and was blown away. I immediately downloaded the first album Curse Our Love. Over the years I got to know the band. They’re all great guys, and saw them play live several times.

I still think Matty is one of the finest songwriters to come out of the northeast, and it is a real shame that Young Rebel Set didn’t get the success their music deserved.

Stockton Calling ( Promoters and Bands ) 
Every performer in the Teesside area wants to play Stockton Calling. For most acts and punters it is the highlight of the year and a day on the beer! I have been fortunate to have been invited to play on a couple of occasions (never enough!)

It is a great event, with acts of every genre playing to enthusiastic crowds. Where else could you get local acts such as the disco popsters Be Quiet Shout Loud, the acoustic tones of Tom Joshua and the mighty rapster Dylan Cartlidge, all headlining different stages to packed out crowds?… Mind you, you probably could at the moment with all the live streaming going on!  ….strange times indeed!

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