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Want to be chilled to the bone? If so then a new podcast, 100 Horrors, which as the title suggests, discusses the 100 must see horror films before you die according to a poster that host Matt Fodor owns. Joining him on the show are his brother, Rob Fodor and friend Paul Dickinson, and films you can expect to be reviewed and talked/laughed about include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Human Centipede, The Evil Dead, Suspiria and many more (96 more to be precise).

Here, Matt give us his top five horror movie deaths that have to be seen to be believed…

5. Killer Klowns from outer Space – The shadow puppet dinosaur
While Killer Klowns is a film that is severely lacking in more places than one, one thing it certainly doesn’t lack is a sense of imagination. Take for example the scene in which Slim The Klown impresses a huddle of adorable elderly folk with his shadow puppetry. They “ooh” and “aah” at the shapes he conjures, only to be eaten whole by the shadow Tyrannosaur he conjures before their very eyes. While popcorn guns, candy-floss tombs and a circus shaped UFO are not to everybody’s taste, we defy you to not raise an eyebrow to the shadow puppet death scene that marks the halfway point in this 80s B Movie disasterpiece. 

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The butcher’s hook. 
For a film rapidly approaching its fiftieth birthday its quite startling to re-watch Texas Chainsaw and find that it has not lost a shred of intensity with age. Each death in this film has to be seen to be believed in its own right, but it’s the physical response one has watching a teenage girl be hung on a butchers hook as she in turn watches her boyfriend be carved up with a chainsaw that sets this one apart. Just like Pam, we found ourselves gasping for breath as the hook punctures her lung and she hangs wide eyed from the ceiling. Even worse than this though is the fact that Pam doesn’t die on the hook. She freezes to death in a freezer whilst waiting to become lunch for the cannibalistic Sawyer family. Truly chilling!

3. Hereditary – Charlie knocks her block off.
In the age of audience desensitization, it takes something truly horrifying to make us sit up and pay attention. Ari Aster’s modern horror classic Hereditary does just that with its terrifying blend of unsettling imagery, terrifying themes and a jewel-in-the-crown death scene that is guaranteed to make your jaw drop. The film centers around a mother’s grief after she finds the headless remains of her daughter in the backseat of her car. How did she lose her head I hear you ask? By sticking her head out of the moving car, desperately trying to catch her breath after an allergic reaction, only for her brother to swerve into a telephone pole and literally knock her block off. Horrifying is not the word.  

 2. Suspiria – Pam’s technicolour nightmare
When a disembodied arm slowly pushes Pam’s face through a pane of glass, and then precedes to slowly force a knife into her exposed heart, and then pushes her through a stained-glass window, and then uses a chord to catch her by the neck on her way to the ground leaving her to hang you to death, its easy to imagine that she no longer feared death and just wanted her ordeal to be over. Watching all of this unfold in glorious technicolor is both a beautiful and a horrible experience, and while the rest of the film might be a confusing affair, what is very clear is that Pam is not going to make much of an appearance beyond the opening scenes of Suspiria.

1. The Thing – The defibrillator death scene
I could try and write a cohesive sequence of events that lead to Dr. Copper bleeding to death in John Carpenter’s The Thing, but this death scene truly has to be seen to be believed. There’s a flamethrower, a head-spider, a spontaneous decapitation, buckets of green goo, spaghetti string alien tentacles and enough 80s haircuts to shake a stick at and if that still hasn’t persuaded you to watch this film, then I don’t know what will. 



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