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Icelandic singer, songwriter and producer, Gugusar, is a talented artist who has twice been nominated for album of the year at the Icelandic Music Awards. They’re set to perform the closing event at this year’s NOVUM festival at Newcastle Civic Centre on Sunday 13th July alongside Linstrøm, Orka and Asha Gold.

Ahead of the show we caught up with Gugusar for a bunch of fives…

Picking my top 5 albums feels illegal. It’s so insanely hard to choose only five of all albums ever made but here is my list. It changes every ten minutes. 

5. racine carrée – Stromae
This album had such an impact on me as a kid. The instrumentals in this album are incredible. I used to make a dance to every single track on this album and the song Papaoutai was actually the song I competed with when I was a figure skater. 
4.  99.9% – KAYTRANADA
This album is my favourite KAYTRANADA album. I remember buying this vinyl in a little vinyl store in Reykjavik and I played it again and again.  I love this sound. The drums and synths just work really nicely together. 
3. Wave – Patrick Watson
Wow, this album brings out so many emotions it is not even funny.  I’ve been listening to Patrick for years and this guy is so incredibly talented but this album really stuck with me.  I can’t even describe it you just have to listen. 
2. Room 25 – Noname
This album reminds me of school because I didn’t do anything else than listen to it on repeat. I love it. Noname’s drums just never seem to miss.  Every single track has its own unique personality that makes this album my number two spot. 
1. DAMN. &  Mr Morale & The Big Steppers. – Kendrick Lamar
Yeah, I can’t pick between these two albums. They are both so good I don’t know where to start. I feel like I’ll never be able to describe the way these touch me and changed the way I think.  I literally feel like a different person after listening to these two albums.  The song Untitled In Grief makes me cry every time. In a good way. The impact this has on me is just on another level. Give it a listen if you haven’t!

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