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For those not in the know, 2020 is Sapien Records big birthday bash that was due to be celebrated with a banging blowout at Sage, Gateshead in September. However, like a lot of stuff lately, the event was put on hiatus due to Covid-19 so we decided to do a series of features with artists on the label to tip our cap to a decade of musical excellence.

Next up, we reach out to Newcastle stoner rock outfit Dunes who tell us what they’ve been watching on telly via a bunch of fives.

Top 5 things we’ve been watching during the lockdown. We were going to bamboozle you with a list of obscure bands that have ‘shaped our sound’ over the years, or do a self-indulgent clunk-heavy name drop session by going with the top 5 bands we’ve shared a stage with, then we thought we’d do a top 5 local bands…but then realised there’s far too many to mention and we’ll inevitably miss someone off and have recurring nightmares about how we missed them out leading to us being ostracised from their friendship circle. Lock down has been a right pisser and has royally ballsed up pretty much all of our plans for 2020, of which there were many, so while we’ve been sulking at home, dreaming about how we should be sweating it out in our practice room or traversing A-roads across Britain in a vehicle older than half the England football team, we’ve instead been writing and practicing at home, hatching plans via video calls and watching far too much tele. So, we’ve come up with our ‘top 5 things we’ve watched during lockdown’.

Tiger King
It seemed like everyone was obsessed with Tiger King for about a month and for a change we were all early to the party with the key phrases beginning with ‘what the fuck is going on?’ then swiftly moving onto ‘you just wait until the next episode!’. For a while all we seemed to hear about was clapping for nurses, fury at Boris and people going on about Tiger King. Christ it’s complete insanity but seeing as more of the population have watched Tiger King than have had Covid, chances are you’ve probably watched it as well so are no doubt acutely aware of the bonkersness of it all. We were dumbstruck when we watched their stories unfold. It’s got it all; drama, murder, sex, violence, tigers, mullets, drugs, sick fashion sense, limb loss, presidential campaigns. We could not stop watching it or referencing it for about a month, but Jesus Chris lads, you are allowed some teeth! My wife is actually a marine biologist and as such I have it on good authority that there’s going to be a spin off series centred around a family run fisheries company called ‘Tiger Prawn King’ so cannot wait to see that.

People Just Doing Nothing
People Just Do Nothing, aside from being an apt. description of the nation for most of this year, is a comedy about West London pirate radio station Kurupt FM. It’s like a garage version of Spinal Tap with a lyrical blow to the jaw that gives a true insight into inner city living we’d imagine. We’ve never played with any Garage artists but presumably that’s exactly what they’re all like so we are hoping to branch out somewhat next year and might even do a garage rock album.

Red Dwarf
Not many people know but our drummer Nikky is really young, maybe like 17 or one of those sort of ages, we’re not sure, he also grew up in Wooler near Alnwick, so he’s basically still catching up with the 1990’s and didn’t see a colour TV until sometime around 2002. As part of his integration into 21st century life he’s been discovering things that we’re re-discovering and one of those things is high-tech space-based drama Red Dwarf. The series revolves around the lives of the crew made up a curly hair tosser (Rimmer), a crash-test dummy know it all (Kryton), proto-Alexa (Hollie), Prince (The Cat) and of course BBC 6 music’s foremost funk and soul proponent Craig Charles who stars as a vindaloo addicted scrubber who somehow got work as an astronaut. If you haven’t seen it before, get all over it, it’s wall to wall piss-takery and nerdy references.

ZZ Top – That Little Ole Band From Texas
It’s fair to say that ZZ Top have had a big influence on a lot of bands that we’re into and influenced by. While many people think of them as a bit of a cartoonish, novelty band from the 80’s they’re incredibly accomplished musicians and have been a mainstay of the US rock scene for over 50 years, which is incredibly impressive given that they’ve had the same line up since their very early days. This documentary is a great insight into the band members, how they very first came together as blues fans and how they progressed into the band we all now know. We were particularly struck by the charming use of the phrase ‘gee-whizz’ by Billy Gibbons, so much so that we’ve worked it into the title of one of our new songs. It was also great to learn that bass player Dusty Hill has a brother called Rocky and presumably a sister named Steep. We’d fully recommend it if you like music documentaries or just enjoy watching dudes with big beards.

Right, if you don’t know what Bing is, you’re probably not a child owner. If you do know what Bing is then you can probably appreciate my pain. The truth is that I have to include this as I’ve probably watched this more than anything over the lockdown period because children are insane, torturous beings that, when they do get the opportunity to watch television, insist on constantly watching the same things over and over and over. Bing is this big bunny who goes around messing everything up, then cries about it before resolution comes along in the form of a ‘parent’ type figure called Flop who would appear to be a knitted sock with balls for legs and the patience of a fucking saint. Bing is a right tosser and his friends aren’t much better, there’s Coco, who is a little bit older and is a total bitch and then there’s his mate Pando, who is a fucking moron who haplessly blunders into everything he’s involve with, without any forethought and just makes things slightly worse for everyone around him…he’s a bit like a tiny Boris Johnson panda. Bing has one mate who seems OK and that’s Zula, but the one time she brings her little cousin Nicky round and guess what? Yeah, butthead Bing only chucks him down a slide and smashes his glasses, unbelievable. Anyway, I’m sick of watching him and cannot wait for the world to get back to normal so we can start playing gigs again.

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