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Prolific South Shields-based music maker Chop5 drops his new single Consciousness Begins, the third track of a trilogy created using a live hardware synth setup. The song’s pulsating beat, ominous sci-fi tones and driving stabs of synth give the track an upbeat and energetic vibe that will have you reaching for the lasers in some abandoned warehouse somewhere. 

Here, Chop tells us about the Top 5 CDs in his car…
My car isn’t very old, but isn’t very new either and is blessed with a CD multi changer rather than fancy bluetooth or USB connections for phone etc meaning I have to select CDs for it very carefully.  It takes 6 but there’s 5 that have been in for a while and one spare to rotate if I fancy a change.

1. Daft Punk – Homework
I love this album, for me it is easily their best work, I remember first hearing them as part of a Chemical Brothers DJ set, the last song they played was Da Funk which blew me away, the distorted 303 riff is awesome!  The album is littered with great tracks, there’s the obvious singles but tracks like Rollin’ an Scratchin’, Alive, High Fidelity and Phoenix are some of the best on the album.  Special mention for the track Teachers though which introduced me to a whole load of new artists!

2. Hallucinogen – Twisted
Say what you want about goa or psytrance but I’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for the older stuff.  Simon Posford’s first album, Twisted,  is a masterpiece, not an album of individual trance tunes but a complete album of music that is as much for listening as it is for dancing.  Each track flows nicely into the next and takes you on a journey.  From the haunting melodies intertwining in the opening track LSD to the over the top lead synth lines in Shamanix every track is put together expertly and I’m sure I hear more going on each time I listen.  It’s worth leaving the CD playing for 6 mins of silence at the end to eventually come to the hidden track which is an early version of  Angelic Particles.  

3. Janes Addiction – Ritual de lo Habitual
Bit of a change of direction with this one! My brother had the 12″ single of Been Caught Stealing, which led to me eventually getting the album. I remember trying to learn the guitar parts for it by ear which I found nigh on impossible as it all sounded messy to me, it was when I got the album I realised just how good Dave Navarro is though.  Admittedly you either love them or hate them but I think this album is fantastic and really showed what they were capable of, everything from the catchy Been Caught Stealing to epic 10 minutes long Three Days, highlights from me are Stop!, Three Days and Classic Girl. 

4. Ozric Tentacles –  Pungent Effulgent
Where would I be without the Ozrics? This band has had such an influence on me and throw in all of the good stuff into their albums, crazy guitar riffs, synths, effects, drum loops and all sorts of weird samples and textures.  This is another album that takes you on a journey, taking in influences from reggae, jazz, prog rock and ambient and includes spectacular musicianship in all departments, from the building opening guitar riff of Dissolution through to the ambience of Phalarn Dawn to the manic psychedelic jazz/rock of Kick Muck . This wasn’t the first Ozrics album I heard but it remains one of my favourites.

5. Pixies – Surfa Rosa/Come on Pilgrim
As with the Ozrics album, this wasn’t the first Pixies album I heard also, I think that was Doolittle, however this is the one that is in my car at the moment.  It’s a bit of a cheat to be honest as the CD includes Come On Pilgrim, which is a mini LP that was originally released separately.  

Black Francis’s lyrics are cleverly devised with some obscure references covering some ‘interesting’ topics, his vocals range from softly spoken to indecipherable howls.  The songs are always so well structured and Joey Santiago’s screaming guitar is awesome, particularly the noises he makes in Vamos! which is my favourite. Other stand out tracks are River Euphrates, Tony’s Theme and Where is My Mind from Surfer Rosa and Caribou, The Holiday Song and Levitate Me from Come On Pilgrim.

Bonus CD!
I mentioned my car holds 6 CDs!  The sixth is currently an album by local producer M Data, if you want futuristic electronic check him out! 

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