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Lo-fi electronic-folk act Ceitidh Mac drops her latest track Rhythm, her first ever release remixed by Belfast-based born, Newcastle-based producer Calm C. The pair have been a big presence on the music scene with their performances at venues and festivals around the North-East and since they have been unable to play live they have focused on collaboration, with Calm C. planning to release an EP of remixes with various North East artists. 

The track is a cool, composed offering, with organic sounding percussion and ambient electronic tones that provide a mesmeric platform for Ceitidh Mac’s tender, melodic vocals that are very much front and centre of this mix. It’s a fresh and captivating version which, like all good remixes, offers something different to the original and it’s a track you can envisage reverberating around the neighbourhood on a warm summer’s evening bathed in crepuscule tones.

Here, Ceitidh gives us a bunch of fives as she tells us about her favourite North-East music venues…

Cobalt Studios
Cobalt Studios brings a constant stream of varied and eclectic music to Newcastle with an ear for underground and up and coming artists. They take risks and it pays off; from sweaty Berlin-esque techno nights to candle lit acoustic klezmer.

For me, Cobalt is a big part of the live music scene in Newcastle, especially in the last few years. I always love gigging there too. Our last full band gig of 2020 was at Cobalt’s FRESH night, supporting the inspirational Rachael Dadd.

Alphabetti Theatre
We had one of our first headline hometown gigs here. I remember the nerve-racking pre gig feeling when you’ve been shouting about your gig… is anyone going to come?! But the room was full! I was also part of the first series of Women Are Mint at Alphabetti. 

Alphabetti has built a community that is welcoming, creative and accessible, an essential space for Newcastle. I’ve seen thought provoking, original theatre as well as mint comedy like ‘A Comedy Night that Passes the Bechdel Test’.

Claypath Deli/Down by the River
Some of my favourite gigs have been in the most intimate of settings. Just you, the audience and the music in that small space in between, it can be revealing but that’s what makes it interesting! I think the best moments are when it feels like it’s just you and the music, and everything else dissolves. 

We played a sell out gig in Claypath Deli in Durham, organised by promoter Down by the River. I really notice when working with a passionate promotor who wants to fill the room because they want people to listen to your music, as well as being able to pay you!

Claypath have been supporting us ever since our first gig with them, and we will 100% be going back when gigs are back rolling.

The Cumberland
I think The Cumberland may be the venue I’ve played in the most over the years! It’s got a charm to it. Posters on the walls, fire roaring, most likely a folk session happening downstairs. It hosts a variety of events, but in particular it is a focal point for the folk scene in Newcastle. 

The Cumberland is also a place for independent artists to put on their own gigs. It was the first place I saw producer Calm C. playing a live set, supporting Calum Howard. Both incredibly creative musicians, I was dead inspired!

The Cluny
The Cluny feels iconic to the North East music scene, busy and thriving.

One memorable gig was seeing punk legend Lydia Lunch. She filled the stage with presence, and accompanying her was Martin Rev from Suicide, who was standing at the back hitting his chest with his fists. The audience had that electric energy when everyone is excited. This is often the energy I get from going to a gig at the Cluny.

I played a hometown gig with Martha Hill that was a good example of why I love playing gigs.. everyone was buzzing!

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