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Welsh-born/Newcastle-based alt-folk artist Ceitidh Mac releases their new EP Seabird. This six-song collection was recorded by Sam Grant (Pigsx7, Richard Dawson) at Blank Studios, Newcastle and showcases a distinct sound that the artist has been carving out over the last few years.

It’s the musical house that Ceitidh built and as you listen you are taken from room to room, each with its own distinctive style but each one complementing the next. From the mesmeric and enchanting traditional Nordic/Gaelic folk sounds of Jump In, to Heliotrope and Sail Away with its lounge-jazz vibes, to Bulldog with its Nico tones, to songs such as Goldfinches and Seedlings that radiate tender, yet confident, Joni Mitchell-esque songcraft. Without wanting to over-simplify things, it’s a lovely listen and even if the gorgeous soundscapes that the EP paints didn’t exist, it would still be a delight to listen to the captivating and ever-shifting melodic tones of Ceitidh’s voice.

Here, Ceitidh tells us about their top five tracks of 2023…

It’s mad how much music is released constantly… 60,000 songs are uploaded to online streaming platforms every day! I find it fascinating how sometimes a song just jumps out at you, or you listen to it just at the right time that it hits you just when you need it. Here’s a very condensed list of some tracks that I’ve discovered in 2023 that have stayed with me.   

Matthew Halsall – An Ever Changing View
This track takes me to the jungle. The groove of the percussion with the dreamy sounds of Matthew Halsall and his band create such a full soundscape. I saw them play live in Newcastle this year and it was one of the best musical experiences..transportive! This is the title track from his latest album.

Rozi Plain – Prove Your Good
I’ve listened to this track a lot this year… I love the warmth in the bass, the gentle, signature vocals and the rolling arrangement. I find this track a soothing one to listen to, I could listen to this song on repeat!

Junior Brother – Junior Brother’s Favourite
A storyteller, like no one else. Meandering melodies that have so much locked in them; blooming into big builds from pin-dropping moments. I’d recommend listening to this epic track! I’m also supporting Junior Brother on their UK tour in February 2024. Come and see it all live!

Me Lost Me – In Gardens
You will most likely have come across future folk artist Me Lost Me if you’re based in the North East! Combining electronic creations with huge vocal arrangements, Jayne’s new Album RPG released this year is 100% one to listen to! I love it when electronic sounds have a human-like quality..they have a character and sound alive! Jayne is massively creative and I’m always excited to hear what she’s got coming out.  

Mabe Fratti – Algo Grandioso 
Mabe Fratti is a cellist/singer from Guatemala, now based in Mexico City. This track was released in 2022, but I wanted to include it in this list as I’ve been listening to it a lot this year. If you like experimental cello/singing creations like I do, definitely listen to Mabe Fratti!


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