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Cass Lamb (or Cass Lamb Deejay) has been playing parties around Newcastle and the North East for the last 4 years or so, and is a co-creator of the intimate, early evening get-togethers Ubuntu & House Blend, and a former monthly resident on Slink Radio. His style revolves around deeper house and techno, with splashes of electro, breaks, UK garage, & disco and when it comes to sounds he is a lover of retro classics and left-field gems.

He will be releasing his single, Coming Up for Air, via Kaneda Records on Saturday 8th February and will have a launch party that evening at Ernest, Newcastle (support from Late Night Drum Club & Calm C.). Before the big day, Cass Lamb gives his top five tracks that inspired his latest release.

Pearson Sound – Glass Eye 
My new single was written after a trip to Berlin a few years ago, which included an early Sunday morning in Panorama Bar. I didn’t know who was playing before I stepped inside but was pleased to see it was a longtime favourite of mine: Pearson Sound. I had never been to a club at 8am before, and although the music was definitely danceable it was a lot different to what I had heard in my time dancing during ‘conventional’ club hours. The image of an early morning dance floor in winter was very much in mind when writing ‘Coming Up For Air’. 

Here’s a track from Pearson Sound’s self-titled LP; I love the contrast between the bubbling, woozy effects, and the boom of the bass. 

Bookworms – Love Triangles
In the same trip, I found this record while digging through the crates in Audio-In. What I like about this track is that it’s got an off-kilter groove that it repeats uncompromisingly. 

I’m a big fan of a lot of the stuff on the Long Island Electrical Systems label this record was released on; and I really appreciate the raw simplicity of a lot of the music on there. The odd beat pattern on this release was certainly a big inspiration on the ‘Coming Up For Air’ single. 

Aybee – The Heart Of The Sun 
I remember hearing this track a little while after the trip, once I was home and had already started composing ‘Coming Up For Air’. Again I like the simplicity of the limited sounds, the constant forward propulsion of the rhythm, the tense mood, and its confidence in doing not very much in a long length of time. Very hypnotic. 

Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam 
When does late-night become early morning? I was put onto this track via Pearson Sound’s Fabriclive.57 mix, which was pivotal for me in hearing how European and US-style house and techno can work alongside the UK Bass styles that were prominent at the time. This was released on an EP entitled ‘Panorama Bar 02 | Part II’; so this is absolutely produced with that dance floor in mind. Love the snap of the drums and their rolling rhythm, the overall mood, and pace of this track. Quick s/o to Backdrop for bringing Levon over to play, many moons ago now! 

Basic Channel – Quadrant Dub I
I couldn’t compile a list of early morning rollers without including this classic, and I think a lot of the inspiration for tracks in this vein trace back directly to here. Let its sub-aquatic depth wash over you. 



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