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Remember Knightmare? For those too young, it was a children’s TV show in the nineties, where contestants would put on an oversized helmet and adventure through a computerised medieval world of monsters and magic. If that show, like most programmes steeped in nostalgia these days, was rebooted then Newcastle’s electronic outfit Blamire would be an ideal candidate to soundtrack it. Their new single,  ‘Dungeon Crawler’, sees the band delve into dark, pixelated kingdoms that incorporates their usual synth-driven sound with newer hip-hop and R&B influences to create a valiant offering full of yarn-spinning lyrics, icy verses and fierce choruses. 

Here, Blamire tells us about their top 5 computer game soundtracks…

Our new single ‘Dungeon Crawler’, will take you on a journey into dark pixelated worlds. The track is heavily inspired by video games as the protagonist travels through the dungeons of the mind, combatting rogue-like skeletons of loneliness and insecurity.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite video game soundtracks….

1. Dire Dire Docks – Super Mario 64
Top of the list is the amazingly immersive water theme from iconic (best game ever?) Super Mario 64. It would be rude to leave out something from master composer Koji Kondo, who’s work on loads of classic Nintendo games is fantastic. This DX7 filled track is one of the most chilled in the Mario series.

2. Halo Theme – Halo: Combat Evolved
A staple among gamers – the original Halo is undoubtedly a classic! Its iconic theme is a fantastically written and scored piece of music. Perfect soundtrack for blasting grunts, and a good one to sing/hum if you ever find yourself on a stairwell with a really long echo.

3. Facility – GoldenEye 007 64
James Bond it may be, but GoldenEye 64’s original soundtrack is top class. Every track in this game is a banger, and fits the levels like a glove. Facility for us is the ultimate track, got that classic 808 kick with a great selection of lo-fi samples that give it that gritty bond vibe!

4. Morrowind Theme – The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
This track was difficult to pick, between ‘Oblivion’ and ‘Skyrim’ the sequels – Morrowind has a similar theme, but the understated nature of Morrowind’s theme is good vibes through and through. The game itself doesn’t get talked about enough these days, but the title theme brings back so much nostalgia. Makes you want to go questin’.

5. Guile Theme – Street Fighter II
Certified banger! Shredding 8 bit lead synth with that thudding bassline running through. Guile can keep you motivated in the hardest of times! The track has reached meme status now, but when that health bar is running low this track can stock you back up and keep you pushin’ through. 

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