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Released: 21.06.24







Kate Nash‘s 9 Sad Symphonies is a triumphant return for the ever-evolving artist, marking nearly two decades of her dynamic career. Drawing inspiration from old Hollywood and vintage musicals, Nash’s latest work is a delightful departure from her recent intense, punk-infused sounds. Created with Danish producer Frederik Thaae during the pandemic, the album is a testament to her creative mind and ability to adapt. With its cinematic and dreamy feel, 9 Sad Symphonies proves that Nash is still a fearless trailblazer, unafraid to explore new boundaries. 

Millions of Heartbeats, the album’s opener, captures the lyrical depth and emotional journey Nash undertook. It reflects on finding hope amidst despair. Tracks like Ray and Misery delve into mental health with raw honesty. My Bile stands out as a cathartic release, addressing industry struggles and personal frustrations with a fierce yet melodic edge. As Nash puts it: “I’ve climbed through the sewers of this industry and so my goal is to make good music I believe in, to have longevity”.

A personal favourite of mine that showcases Nash’s storytelling is Space Odyssey 2001, blending humour and romance while critiquing Kubrick’s film as a date movie – this wit and emotion define her songwriting. 

Signing with Kill Rock Stars allowed Nash to focus on her strengths, culminating in an album that’s both beautiful and introspective; 9 Sad Symphonies reaffirms Nash’s status as a unique and fearless talent in the music industry.

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