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Released: 05.07.24







Kasabian’s eighth studio album, Happenings, marks a vibrant milestone in their two-decade journey. Produced by Sergio Pizzorno and Mark Ralph, the record captures the band’s live energy and the profound connection they share with their audience, translating it into a fresh and engaging studio experience.

The album opens with A Happening, an atmospheric, sub-minute instrumental track devoid of lyrics. Its grand, stage-setting quality contrasts sharply with the rest of the album and feels like the kind of music that would play as the band walks out on stage, reinforcing their intent to connect deeply with the audience. This introduction swiftly transitions into Darkest Lullaby, an irresistible blend of disco strings and electro bass that sets the stage for a dance groove.

Highlights include Call, driven by a popping synth riff and catchy chants, which encapsulates the album’s concise and dynamic style; while GOAT stands out with motivational lyrics and a bold 80s guitar solo, delivering a burst of exuberance and energy.

Pizzorno’s approach to songwriting on this album is meticulous, with tracks rarely exceeding three minutes, resulting in a punchy and engaging listen. Songs like Coming Back to Me Good and Algorithms capture the joy and communal spirit that define Kasabian’s live performances, making listeners feel like part of something bigger. The latter, released as a single last year, closes the album on a high note, celebrating music’s unique power to connect.

The album’s structure and concise tracks ensure a series of massive melodies and memorable choruses. This approach keeps the listener’s attention and makes the album feel like a super-concentrated dose of ideas, energy and unapologetic joy.

Happenings is a testament to Kasabian’s ability to stay fresh and relevant. Twenty years on from their debut, the band continues to innovate, blending familiar sounds with new influences. The album’s vibrant tracks make it a perfect soundtrack for a summer of sport, bringing the summer vibes even if the British weather isn’t cooperating. Fans of energetic, danceable rock will find this album a refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable experience.


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