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Cosmifrica prides itself on bringing obscure records to the dancefloor that people are hopefully not that familiar with, it’s an inclusive party that focuses on dancing, positivity and encourages people to listen a little deeper.

Ahead of the Cosmifrica summer party at Ernest on July 20th, Resident DJ – Adzmandala breaks down some of the records that make up the night’s dynamic sound.

Ramon Pyrmee ‘O La O La Sa Yé’ (Debs 1985) France
A great example of the zouk sound that is perfect for those hazy summer evenings. Zouk originated from the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, it is a sound that is fuelled by hypnotic local rhythms with the addition of 80’s drum machines, synths and other electronic effects. Zouk has enjoyed a resurgence of late and we are always excited to bring these unique and exciting sounds to the dancefloor.

The Band Of The Nigeria Police ‎’Calabar’ (Phillips 1961) Nigeria
Amazing cover on this 10” record featuring the Enugu (South Eastern Nigeria) police on brass band duties, celebrating their independence from Britain in 1960. There is loads of emphasis here on military swing, however there a couple of great tunes here that appeal to the forward thinking dancefloor. The track ‘Calabar’ for example uses jazzy military style horns, layered over snakelike percussion and a fantastic early highlife groove. Look out for later and possibly rarer LP’s that delve into more genre defying territory of funk and samba.

Unknown Artist ‘Que Beleza’ (Tapecar 1975) Brazil
We love relatively obscure records that seem to pop up when ‘digging’ in record stores, charity shops and markets across the globe.  The LP is a compilation of samba covers, that were popular at the time in Brazil and includes an absolutely monster cover of Tim Maia’s ‘Que Beleza’. Maia was a popular soul singer  who went on to join a UFO obsessed cult, use hallucinogens and create the seminal LP’ Racional vol1’, Que Beleza is from that album but this version is a completely wild samba funk cover that just keeps on giving..

Brother Valentino ‘Stay Up Zimbabwe’ (Taurus Records 1978) Trinidad and Tobago
Records from the Caribbean play a massive part in building the Cosmifrica vibe, especially this epic funky, disco, soca jam.  Also known as, ‘the people’s calypsonian’ Brother Valentino delivers a slow burning, ‘black power’ influenced anthem. Be sure to check out the steel pan refrain towards the end of the tune – absolute killer – disco not disco!

Ti Celeste ‘Mizik Yelele’ (Debs 1985) Guadeloupe
This track is just pure tropical mayhem – It is a Gwo Ka record, which is a musical style that has a deep and powerful history. Gwo Ka is raw, powerful and when timed right has devastating effect on the dancefloor. This track has a full on heavy percussive workout with amazing, intense poly rhythms, call and response chants.. What’s not to love!? 

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