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North-East alt-rock quintet Red Remedy release their brand new single, Catalina, an anthemic and infectious offering complete with dancey rhythms, funked-up guitar riffs and expansive melodies.  

Here, the band talk about their harmonising influences with a six of the best…

We’re Red Remedy, a band whose sonic tapestry is woven from a myriad of influences that span genres, mediums, and experiences. Join us as we take you on a tour through the intricate web of inspiration that has shaped our music. From the frenetic energy of Guitar Hero 3 to the dark narratives of the Dexter book series, the Britpop echoes of Oasis, the visual artistry of tattoos, the cinematic allure of Pulp Fiction, and the vibrant Northeast scene, each thread contributes to the unique fabric of Red Remedy’s sound.

1. Strumming to Success: The Guitar Hero 3 Connection (Zach – Lead Guitar):
Guitar Hero 3 wasn’t just a game for me; it was a gateway to our electrifying sound. The rapid-fire notes and intense energy I felt while shredding virtually have found their way into the very core of our music. From blistering solos to roaring riffs, the spirit of Guitar Hero 3 courses through every chord I play.

2. A Melodic Crime: Country Music’s Dark Narratives (Maddy – Lead Singer):
The haunting narratives of country music struck a chord with me, aligning perfectly with our mission to leave an indelible mark on our listeners. The genre’s exploration of complex emotions and dark themes resonates deeply with the depth we aim to infuse into our lyrics. We weave stories that linger, just as country music’s tales etch themselves into the soul of its audience.

3. Sonic Oasis: The Britpop Resurgence of Oasis (Dean – Rhythm Guitar):
Oasis’s Britpop anthems are the heart and soul of our sound. The bold melodies, and the swaggering energy—these elements drive our desire to create music that’s both timeless and fresh. Oasis’s influence is our compass, steering us towards crafting music that resonates with generations old and new.

4. Tattoos as Artistic Expression: A Visual and Musical Canvas (Jack-Bass):
As a lover of ink art, I found parallels between tattoos and our music—both are forms of deep, personal expression. The permanence of tattoos is echoed in our music’s lasting impact. Just as ink becomes a part of skin, our music becomes a part of the listener’s experience, forever etched into their memories.

5. Cinematic Inspirations: Pulp Fiction’s Impact on Aural Aesthetics (Kyle – Drums):
Tarantino’s cinematic masterpiece, Pulp Fiction, showed me the power of storytelling through atmosphere. Our music becomes the soundtrack to the stories we tell. The film’s seamless blend of genres and moods reflects how we meld diverse influences into a cohesive, captivating sonic journey.

6. Thriving Amidst Homegrown Talent: The North East Scene (Collective Perspective):
But our journey isn’t only shaped by distant influences; it’s rooted in the vibrant Northeast scene. The eclectic mix of artists, the energy of live performances, and the community spirit have all seeped into our music. We draw from the thriving scene around us, contributing our own melodies to the symphony of talent.


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