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Want to listen to some great tunes? Then get yourself down to Base Camp, Middlesbrough on Saturday 25th September for the launch of Secreto. This independent event is about serving great food, whilst showcasing some of the North-East’s finest DJ talent, some of whom are making a mark on the circuit in the club and festival scene across the country and Europe.

A tasty selection of tacos and bites will be served throughout the night soundtracked by some great tunes from REES, Boo, Megan Leo, Twiggy and Dan Murray.

We get to know the event promoters Liam Barkes and Tom Dawson, aka Secreto Scoff, a little better via their Six Of The Best…

Liam Barkes

Musical Artist: MF DOOM
Daniel Dumile aka DOOM aka Zev Love X is one of my favourite artists of all time. At a time when hip-hop’s biggest names were writing lyrics about their personal fortunes and material possessions, DOOM was creating worlds full of villains, three-headed monsters and beer. His sampling game was impeccable such as drawing from Scooby Doo Cartoons, horror movies and American mass-media advertisements he was the antidote to monotony in the rap game. He also loved his food, which I can relate to.

Chef: Anthony Bourdain
Tom and I are big fans of Bourdain not only for his cooking ability but for his writing and TV shows, specifically No Reservations and Parts Unknown.  Those shows inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and try something alien to me. He explored the culture of food in a way I hadn’t thought about before.  

Festival: Dekmantel Amsterdam
The UK has such an incredible club scene and there’s many clubs I love but when it comes to festivals my best memories come from Dekmantel in Amsterdamse Bos. I visited this festival several years in a row and was blown away by the curation of the line-ups and the general atmosphere of the place. 

Tom Dawson

Musical Artist: David Bowie 
Bowie is probably my favourite artist of all time. Growing up in my house my parents would play his records constantly. His genre-defining style, whether it be via his music or fashion choices, has inspired a generation to be themselves in their own unique ways. From Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke, there’s a character for everyone. Even after his death, his raw sense of individualism lives on. He’s timeless in my eyes.

Chef: Bourdain/Big Has
I couldn’t agree more with what Liam has said about Anthony Bourdain. Truly one of the greats. His impact on the world of food and culture is phenomenal. Through shows like his, there has been a huge resurgence in food-based blogs and online tutorials. Big Has is definitely one of my favourite to watch on YouTube at the moment. His food show ‘Sunday Sessions’ is not only massively enjoyable but it inspires people to cook along at home. The food he makes is banging and the show itself has a real community feel with friends and family joining him to cook.

Festival: Love International, Croatia
As far as the UK goes I would say our club culture is unrivalled. When it comes to festivals though, Croatia is definitely up there. Love International in Tisno, Croatia is a beautiful haven for clubbers to enjoy music from some of the finest selectors going. The setting is just magical, situated in the Garden Brewery right on the pebbly shores of the Adriatic. Cocktail in hand, boiling hot sun and the sound of a thumping bass drum in the background. Perfect.

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