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Newcastle four piece Club Paradise, available on 17 July, release their new single Growing Up via KIDS Records (The Wombats, Band of Horses, Paul Hartnoll -Orbital, Kyte) a track that was recorded entirely in isolation, with every band member recording remotely. The track is a vibrant, impassioned slice of indie-pop with nods to the eighties and is a welcome return from a band who just before lockdown sold out Cobalt and were playing venues around the UK.

Here the band gives us their six of the best…

Ryan – Zach Braff
Zach Braff has been a huge influence on my work in recent years, for sure. When I was a kid consuming all of the culture I possibly could I don’t think I knew what I was taking in but I think what I draw from mostly are people’s styles these days. Zach’s style in TV and filmmaking really is brought home by a lot of the music he adds to the soundtracks too, they really exaggerate his final piece. What really stands out for me is the vulnerability in everything from Scrubs to Garden State and Wish I Was Here and how he’s able to throw so many laughs but able to pull you back to the reality of it all, effortlessly. All of the emotions are really raw and straight in front of your face and that’s something I wish I could do as good as Zach Braff – no masks, just truth.

Nathan- The Maccabees – Given to the Wild
This album continues to leave a lasting impression on myself and at the very least, may subconsciously influence my thinking when I come to laying down a beat for a track! I’d loved The Maccabees previous two albums prior to this releasing in 2012 (when I was 14), but this album is definitely more of a complete, grandiose offering. It has a lot of lush, intertwining guitar work with the two leads taking turns drifting in and out of instrumental focus, not to mention the meticulously crafted layers and expansive atmospheres created on each song. The production is also gorgeous! However, the drums are the best part for me (although I may be biased as a fellow drummer!), they’re phenomenal throughout and I often find myself returning to the album if I’m ever in need of inspiration for a song. Sam Doyle, The Maccabees’ drummer, does an exceptional job here, just listen to ‘Feel To Follow’, this is how a beat should carry a song. There’s a lot of huge fills all over, nothing too complicated, but they make you go ‘oh, that’s filth!’ in the best way possible. I think I’ve definitely been influenced by the drums on this album, it may not show directly in our songs, but the impact is subtle. Give it a listen if you have never heard it!

Jackson – Cricket, but it is art?
I remember the day Ben Stokes pulled off the impossible, I was in Tynemouth on a sunny august day for me dads birthday with my uncle who also enjoyed cricket. We both said England could pull off a win until we saw root dance down the wicket and get stumped. Hope dwindled with every check of the phone as another wicket fell and most TV screens in pubs were showing the football anyway. We got down to when Jofra and Broad got out and Aus needed 1 to win and gave up hope. Came back into the Sal and the cricket was on, Stokes decided he wasn’t going to go out with a whimper so started smacking Nathan Lyon around, people started paying attention to the cricket. It wasn’t until the scorecard read England needed x amount of runs to win rather than Australia need 1 wicket to win that I started believing. Atmosphere in the Sal was electric and eventually the staff changed over audio from the football commentary to the cricket. I think I hugged two strangers when Leach got his single and pints genuinely went flying when Stokes hit that winning four.

Harry – Panama
I really like the artist Panama – everything he does is unreal. His own material is unreal, and the tracks he features on are unreal.

It’s cool that he features on so many tracks, with great artists like Poolside, Satin Jackets and Bag Raiders. He also goes large on remixes and alternative versions of songs, so he has a lot of diverse material out there.

Can’t Stop Your Lovin’ was my most played track last year. Banger.

Group choice 1 – Edgar Wright
Each of us have a love for either one or all Edgar Wright films. From the way jokes are delivered in script to the quick cut style he’s become renowned for, he’s amazing. For me (Ryan), it’s got to be Hot Fuzz. I lose my shit every time I watch this film, it’s so funny on the surface but the layers to it are incredible, all the references to stupid action films mixed with some sci-fi soundtrack work (when Tim Messenger is killed) to really stupid humour, it’s got it all. Harry’s favourite by far is Scott Pilgrim vs The World and that is an absolute blinder as well, Jackson’s a bit more on the fence and couldn’t pick one whereas Nathan’s chose the absolute classic Shaun of the Dead.

Group choice 2 – White Lies 
We’ve always been massive White Lies fans, from before being in a band together. Their debut album “To Lose My Life…” is absolutely ingrained in our souls the amount we’ve listened to it. I remember myself, Harry and Jackson went to see them on the Ritual tour and it was just the best live experience ever and I just remember thinking if you’re gonna play gigs that’s how you do it – a huge sound, amazing light work but most importantly they just played hit after hit like it was nothing. They’ve become a bit of a tour ritual for us, every time we’re in the van we’ll stick their debut album on, at least, and it just takes us away. I always feel united and ready for whatever we’re doing after that, it’s really grounding and reassuring that we’ve had this connection to a band and share it together and now go on to do our own thing too.

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