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Imagine you’re in some sort of dimly lit, art deco styled club in the east end of London run by local mobsters. Smartly dressed patrons are sat smoking at their tables that form an amphitheatre around the back of the venue, laughing and joking before calling over their overly attentive waiters for a top-up on their whisky. Ladies dressed smartly in mini skirts are dotted around the outskirts patiently vending cigarettes, whilst occasionally watching over the dance floor where men from Wigan in high waisted trousers and tight vests are doing spins, splits and kicks to the sounds of a large band brass band fronted by a glamorous and glitzy soul singer. 

You might want to know what this band sounds like, to help complete the visualisation process of this patchwork landscape. If so, then it will probably sound something like Telling You Lies, the follow-up single from Newcastle funk & soul producer Alex Opal. A vibrant, dance-inducing track that provides a three and a half minute soundtrack to your youth, or in my case, a hotchpotch of scenes from various films that stylise and stereotype someone else’s youth.

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