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We caught up with stand-up comedian Sarah Bennetto ahead of her show with Bec Hill at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 26th February.

Hey Sarah, how are you?
I am very cold, being that I am visiting you all in the north right now. But I’m rugged up in a new long woollen winter coat and wide-brimmed black hat (yeah, I look like a cool spy). So yeah, I’m warm, (please tell all your mums to stop worrying about me). Also: please don’t tell anyone I’m a spy; my boss will be so angry.

What’s the show about?
My new show is a sometimes anarchic celebration of games and fun and folly. There’s stand-up, but it’s all unhinged by the fact we are also simultaneously playing Wink Murder, Victorian ice-breakers, parlour games, I-spy, plus I work out everyone’s “Scrabble name scores” and I debut my very own car trip game. Plus there’s a live-action audition for the new season of my favourite TV show, Twin Peaks. It’s a joyous mess, but it always comes together in the most magical way.

How did Edinburgh go?
It was a hoot. Over course of a month, every single night I sent people out into the world with idiotic new games in their armoury. An unexpected side-effect was that it resulted in some hilariously weird “street-heckles” from past audience-members. So. Much. Fun. I love being sassed by funny strangers.

You’re out on tour with Bec Hill for these shows, how would you describe her comedy for people who hadn’t seen it?
Bec is a whirlwind. She crams so many laughs and ideas into her shows. People rightly adore her. The only thing funnier than a Bec Hill show are her off-the-cuff witticisms and rude asides when she thinks no one else is listening. She is so good for the soul and I highly recommend sharing a hotel room with her.

What’s exciting you most about this tour of shows?
The amazing food in each city, the surreal jokes and dares with Bec Hill and the amazing people we’re meeting. I’m also enjoying working with the comics of the north and hearing their fantastic tales. Also, some of the boys are gorgeous here, so I’ll also be selecting finalists in the momentous “Sarah-Bennetto-search-for-a-boyfriend”. Gentlemen, please ready your flirty anecdotes, Yorkshire puddings, homemade onion relish and cheese wheels. I will be waiting.

How did you get started in comedy?
I entered a competition in Melbourne. It wasn’t a comedy competition; it was a bake-off, but my raisin scones were so bad they elicited laughs, and well, the rest is history. (side note: still gutted about my scones; they were misunderstood)

What’s your favourite thing about being a comedian?
You can’t be too sad about any “dumb life stuff” for too long. Any failure or faux pas can be mined for laughs.

What inspires you?
Seeing my friends do well. And sweet, sweet cash.

What else does 2016 have in store for you?
I’m gigging around the UK and Ireland, plus debuting my brand new solo show at Edinburgh Fringe and performing at a swathe of summer music festivals. I’m also working on a new scone recipe. Hoping there’ll be fewer deaths this time ’round.

Sarah Bennetto and Bec Hill bring their shows to Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 26th February.

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