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There is something instantly likeable about Foil, Arms & Hog. There’s also something very traditional about their humour as well. I don’t mean old-fashioned, I just mean that they seem to relish making people smile. I saw no agenda to the trio other than that wonderful thing that is being funny and hearing the instant reward of a crowd’s laughter. I can give them no higher praise than they made me chortle repeatedly and I’m a right miserable get.

My favourite sketches were the Sandcastle, the Family Alcohol Intervention and the Funeral. If I’m honest, the audience would probably have chosen The Net People sketch but, regardless, they were well-written, very well acted and performed with both skill and humour. A lovely thing to see was their ability to interact with the crowd and each other when something unscripted happened, using sharp wit and a genuine rapport with those in attendance.

They’ve done a bit of Irish TV and I would not be surprised to see them making regular appearances on our UK telly channels in the very near future. Foil Arms & Hog were genuinely funny and I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who likes an evening of unadulterated funniness. Or why not YouTube the Celtic funsters? It’s probably time you had a few hours off the cat vids anyway…

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