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When Cameron Sharp, aka Bonnie Love, decided to write autobiographical play Drag Me To Love, North East theatre company Bonnie And The Bonnettes was barely a twinkle in the milkman’s eye. “I started doing drag when I was fourteen in Doncaster,” he explains. “I did it for four years, then stopped. I wanted to be a serious actor and do Shakespeare. When I came to uni, drag started to come up again. I was like, ‘Maybe I can do both?’”

He wrote Drag Me To Love during a university module, but it wasn’t until course mates Hattie Eason and Becky Glendenning helped him bring his script to life that things started to click. “It was during that process that we realised this is more than just making a twenty minute version of Cameron’s life up to now,” Hattie affirms. “We realised we all wanted to build on this… we wanted to do this after our degrees.” Becky agrees: “We were working so well together and we were like…this is something.”

They came together to create Bonnie And The Bonnettes, pulling their company name from Hattie and Becky’s aliases in Drag Me To Love. “It felt right,” Becky says. “We were already being referred to as that.” Their new show, And She, will give voice to the women who raised them, as they don the personas of their mothers. “This is the first time us as a trio have all sat down to make a show together,” Cameron explains. “We do a lot of devising and playing about in the room to see what works,” adds Becky. “That’s when it goes down on paper.” Hattie concludes. “We won’t have one writer, we’ll all be the authors of this tale.”

Their work environment is a symbiotic relationship: they get back as much as they put in. Their seasonal BonBons Cabaret, heading to Alphabetti Theatre on Wednesday 25th July, is a drag show and “a really good laugh”, as Becky describes. “A big part of our work is about finding the pure joy about life. We love making sure people have a good time. There’s so many terrible things happening, that if someone can have a laugh for a good hour because of us, that’s nice.”

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