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Most of us (except maybe those in tinfoil hats or who are investing in fossil fuels) accept the fact that the planet’s climate is changing fast and if we don’t do something about it now, then there will be dire consequences for everyone.

Agriculture, forestry and land relating to our food chain are responsible for a third of the greenhouse gases that are emitted into our atmosphere. Our love of meat is what drives a majority of this and in an effort to reduce the carbon emissions generated by farming animals for meat, companies are racing to create appetising meat substitutes. 

On Thursday 21st November (8pm), via Zoom, Life’s Science Speakeasy asks whether in a society of meat-lovers, could lab-grown meat be the solution? Or will people be too sceptical for it to catch on? 

Joining the debate is Dr Peter Newton, who teaches Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, Dr Chris Bryant from Bryant Research Ltd. who offer research-related services in the field of meat reduction and alternative proteins, Dr Martina Miotto, a scientist with expertise in cell biology & tissue engineering, and Chief Scientific Officer at CellulaREvolution, and expert on new food products and how they change our food system, Dr Alexandra Sexton from Sheffield University

The discussion will be steered by the audiences’ questions and nothing is taboo. To register your place, click here.

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