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Recent box office disaster The Fantastic Four has nothing on the almighty turkey that was Howard the Duck. The first Marvel character to make a big-budget leap from comics to screen, his starring-vehicle was derided – even by the film’s director George Lucas – and to this day is considered one of cinema’s greatest flops.

Funny men Joe Heenan and Billy Kirkwood, alongside special guest Matt Reed, will be celebrating its awfulness at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 1st September. The duo’s brand of self-titled ‘shit-film-mockery’ has proved a hit, already having laid into travesties such as Batman and Robin and Jaws 4: The Revenge. Now, here comes their take on the story of an average everyday duck, plucked from his home planet to do battle with band managers, gang members and creatures from another universe. Jam-packed with horrible effects, duck boobs and a nonsensical plot that left Hollywood cringing, it truly is every bit as terrible as it sounds.

Howard recently made a comeback to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a post-credits sting at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. While it’s unlikely he’ll be sharing the screen with The Avengers anytime soon, you’d be quackers to miss this ‘affectionate’ take on his original screen debut. Promises to be fantastically entertaining.

Watch Howard the Duck with Joe Heenan, Billy Kirkwood and Matt Reed at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 1st September.

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