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There’s something really, honestly euphoric and cathartic about a band, film or piece of art that’s just unapologetically excessive. Stumbling upon a project that’s the sonic equivalent of a Tarantino fight scene, WARGASM are that audible bloodbath, and it’ll be a joy to be immersed in that carnage when the duo perform at Wylam Brewery on Sunday 23rd October

It would be a tough sell trying to argue that songs like Fuckstar or D.R.I.L.D.O are powerful and discerning social commentaries that will be used to detail the cultural zeitgeist of the time, nor would it be easy to convince someone that the duo are writing layered and textured masterpieces, full of subtlety and nuance. But I’ll be damned if they’re not fun.

Loud, crass and dangerous, the aptly named Explicit tour is set to be pure, high voltage chaos. Slamming the thundering beats and aggressive synths of The Prodigy against the snarled, violent choruses of a metal juggernaut like Jason Butler, their crunching guitar riffs bring to mind early Slipknot, where the interplay between gentle, lilting vocal passages and destructive, potent anarchy is reminiscent of Poppy.

Ultimately, WARGASM are shamelessly outrageous and indulgently fearless fun, fully dedicated to serving the moment and delivering nothing but an explosive adrenaline rush. 

WARGASM play Wylam Brewery, Newcastle on Sunday 23rd October.


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