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Image by Kev Howard

Middlesbrough’s Institute of Modern Art sees the advent of a new commission between MIMA and Stellar Projects this month. Artist Alison Smith and technologist Matt Collins have collaborated on an interactive light sculpture named Valkyrie, which is made up of a thousand LEDs and recycled plastic material.

The resulting piece, which will be on display in MIMA’s Garden from Thursday 2nd February until Sunday 12th March, results in a large colourful orb which transmits light, creating an array of ethereal shapes and projections across its textured, floating surface. Named after the Viking legend of the Valkyries – female warriors in Norse mythology who were said to create the Northern Lights with reflections of their armour as they rode to Valhalla – the dancing waves of light are reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis, and viewers are encouraged to interact with the installation to create their own aurora, eliciting an energy between viewer and the artwork itself.

Both Alison Smith and Matt Collins have a preoccupation with creating dazzling light sculpture and immersive installations, with Alison’s work often seeing her collaborate with scientists to explore natural phenomena and environmental issues.

Valkyrie is on display in the garden at MIMA, Middlesborough from Thursday 2nd February until Sunday 12th March.

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