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Image: Anthony Amoako-Attah, The Umbrella, 2021. Image by Colin Davison

Drawing on his Ghanaian heritage and identity, Sunderland-based contemporary glass artist Anthony Amoako-Attah has produced a new glass artwork – titled Transition IV – for the museum’s collection. Viewing glass as a ‘western material’, his work manipulates glass to make it look like woven fabric, with tremendous and often surprising results. Awed by the way traditional fabric molds and drapes itself around the mental and physical expressions of the weaver and wearer, Anthony’s artworks carry a similarly sinewy movement thanks to his use of Ghanaian cultural Adinkra symbols and native Kente patterns.

He explains that his Transition series of works depict the journey of his life; from childhood dreams to the realities of everyday life. His work for Sunderland Museum was also influenced by the museum’s collection, and the artist drew inspiration from the region’s shipbuilding, glass production and pottery making heritage. “Sitting alongside these symbols of Sunderland’s industries are Ghanaian Adinkra symbols that together represent my dual identity.” He explains. “The River Wear flows though the glass work in the same way my identity flows between Ghana and Sunderland.”

Transition IV, alongside other works in Anthony Amoako-Attah’s Transition series, will be on display at Sunderland Museum & Winter Garden’s art gallery between Saturday 2nd April-Sunday 5th June.

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