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It’s good to see musicians take the environmental cause so seriously. Did you know that our humble badger is subject to random culling in the name of bovine TB, despite there being little scientific evidence to demonstrate its necessity or efficacy? Thankfully, pan-musical ensemble alliance The Surfing Magazines have released a pro-badger record, Badgers of Wymeswold, in honour of their local brocks.

Okay – so maybe there’s only one song on the record that explicitly mentions badgers, and maybe it’s a bass-driven ode to our stripy neighbours that John Carpenter would be proud of, but at least they’re respecting one of our countryside’s most recognisable residents.

The band, which is made up of one half of Slow Club and two thirds of The Wave Pictures, have got other songs for those of you less moved by the plight of the badger, like a train ride through 1960s rock ‘n’ roll in Locomotive Cheer, or a new contender for primary school disco dance staple Nostaw Boogie. It’s unclear if there is already a set of moves to go along with this one, but any such choreography surely has the potential to become a Tik-Tok trend. (That’s how these things work, right?)

Perhaps we can suggest this lucrative business model to the trio at their Cluny 2 gig on Sunday 16th January, and go down as a viral internet sensation.

The Surfing Magazines play The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Sunday 16th January


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