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The Dawdler is a new project from John Edgar, who’s name you may associate with doom-pop mongers Nately’s Whore’s Kid Sister, fuzz rockers Eat Fast, or his current spiky post-punk endeavour Okay Champ. If you’re expecting similar heavy stylings from The Dawdler you’d be very mistaken. Debut single Around Eve sees Edgar journey into slowcore, taking things down a notch or ten, and with spellbinding results.

Delicate and dreamy, Around Eve is reminiscent of Radiohead’s more lo-fi moments – think Nude from In Rainbows – and the haunting ambience of Grouper. Simplistically crafted yet packing a punch in terms of emotion, Edgar’s gentle vocals evoke both a sense of mourning and a quiet optimism. With an album’s worth of material at the ready and full live band performances planned, if all tracks are as ethereal as Around Eve, we’re in for a treat. Edgar tells us a bit more…

What made you decide to pursue a solo project, and why did you decide that now is the time to release the material you’ve been working on?

I’ve just been writing a lot of material that sounds like something in its own right. I worked on it all so closely with Will Thorneycroft and David Turnbull (fellow member of Okay Champ), that it didn’t really feel like a solo project. I haven’t been working on it long really, it was all written and recorded over the space of a few months. I want to release stuff ASAP so I can start on the next one, and the next one etc etc. I hate sitting on stuff. By the time you put it out you’re pig sick of it.

Did you work by yourself on the album? What are the differences in solo work compared to writing material with a band?

I had the bare bones of all the songs (guitar and vox mainly) then Will and Dave worked with me on everything. James King and Mark Brown (members of Okay Champ) chipped in a wee bit too. It’d just be a collection of half-baked, crappy demos if it weren’t for Will. He engineered, produced, sang, played various instruments, and always spurred me on. It felt like a team effort.

The Dawdler marks a complete change in direction for you in terms of musical tone, how do you think fans of your previous outfits will react? 

No idea! I’ve had some nice feedback from close friends I’ve sent it to. That makes me feel a bit more confident about it, I really hope people enjoy it. I’d say The Dawdler is more reflective of the music I enjoy listening to. 

So who’s in the live band and when is your first gig?

At the minute I’m rehearsing with Will, Dave, and Matt Saxon (former member of Nately’s and Grandfather Birds, current member of Little Comets). We’re playing a support slot at The Cumberland Arms for Wandering Oak on Friday 8th February. We’ll get some more shows sorted soon.

How does The Dawdler fit into your plans for 2019 – will you be working on The Dawdler and Okay Champ simultaneously?  

Absolutely. I just want to keep busy. I’ll be working on as much as I can and starting to record the next album soon.

The Dawdler play The Cumberland Arms on Friday 8th February in support of Leah Senior.


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