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Artwork by George Fearon

From Tuesday 7th December, Arts Centre Washington is shining a light on two local artists, Tanja Vukasinovic-Powell and George Fearon. The exhibition showcases works which explore patterns in nature and the impact of climate change on our planet.

For Tanja Vukasinovic-Powell, an artist living in Washington, this is her very first exhibition. Due to confidence issues, Tanja only started making art again in the last five years, supported by her autism diagnosis which helped her zone into her abilities with pattern design and details. Her intricate and detailed work is inspired by patterns in nature and designs found in old buildings, such as church windows and ancient temples.

George Fearon is an artist, musician and poet from Sunderland who produces work that is hand-painted in gouache and is both contemporary and classic in production. During lockdown, George explored the hope and destruction that is facing our planet today. His psychedelic material has a depth of vibrancy and beauty, much like the natural world that inspires him.

As the world emerges from COP 26 with a renewed passion for protecting the planet, visiting this exhibition is a great way to view the natural world with fresh eyes through the unique perspectives of these two very different North East artists.

Tanja Vukasinovic-Powell and George Fearon’s work is on display at Arts Centre Washington from Tuesday 7th December-Friday 21st January

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