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When I bought my first house in an East Durham pit village some years ago I couldn’t believe the language coming from the children in the house next door through the paper walls. I’m a great believer in the freedom to express profanity but there is a huge difference in peppering every sentence with the Fs and Cs, and surreptitiously slipping in a long forgotten iurantis into the water cooler conversation at work.

And nobody is more acutely aware of this than Viz founding man Simon Donald who returns to the Waiting Room for a one-off show exploring the culture and history of cursing on Sunday 29th November. For fans of inventive and unusual swearing, and presumably the more blatantly obvious, Donald’s keen wit and sharp understanding of the nuances of (bad) language have seen him quietly building a reputation for being as effective with a microphone in his hand as much as a pen. The night promises a one-hour ‘coarse’ featuring celebrity swears of film and television and, of course, the international drug trade.

Sunday nights at the Waiting Room are becoming something of an institution around these parts, with original music, art happenings and spoken word taking centre stage. Anyone who has visited before will know the venue’s laid-back approach (and superb veggie food) is part of its charm.

Support on the night comes from Harry Pearson a keen observer of British habit and the mundane. A writer by trade he has tackled such overlooked topics as the FA Trophy First Round, Northern club cricket, country fairs and, um, Belgium. Along the way he has garnered plaudits from The Times and been compared to Bryson and Bennett, albeit a Northern working class version. Described as a “raconteur, humorist and master swordsman” his talent is for turning an everyman weekend pastime into something bleakly comical we can all relate to.

Simon Donald’s School of Swearing comes to The Waiting Room in Eaglescliffe on Sunday 29th November.


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