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A moment of silence, please, for comedians trying desperately to salvage what they can from routines that have suffered from eighteen months of irrelevancy. Imagine having a full show written, memorised and rehearsed only for the world to practically end?

Writer and comic Shazia Mirza had that exact problem when the country went into its first lockdown back in March 2020. But, instead of leaving the routine in the garbage, Mirza instead tried to salvage what she could of the shreds and reform them into something that could work for an (almost, but not really) post-pandemic audience. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, she’ll bring her new(ish) show Coconut to Durham’s Gala Theatre on Friday 8th October.

Our priorities and tastes have changed a lot over these past few months; where Mirza once would have poked fun at celebrities and reality TV, she instead wants to do what a lot of us have learnt to do recently: focus on the bigger picture. Social injustice, starving kids and institutional racism were second on the news, only behind Miss Rona’s ongoing shenanigans. With all this, as well as an impending climate crisis, what better subjects are there to make light of than our planet’s imminent destruction at the hands of its dominant species?

Shazia Mirza is at Durham’s Gala Theatre on Friday 8th October

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