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Artists are rarely one thing any more, as many seek to break free of the confines of a single medium to express their creativity. While in some cases this might be as simple as dabbling in watercolours and sculpture, Sean Noonan is a lot more fusionistic with his art form. In the most basic of terms, he is a drummer – but such a reductive term ignores the swathes of skill and knowledge he brings to any table.

His true range is revealed in his work, the latest of which aims to raise awareness of the inhumanity surrounding the long since controversial topic of solitary confinement. Known as a punishment inflicted on misbehaving prisoners, the psychological stresses of the phenomenon are enough to take even the strongest minds to breaking point. Performed at Newcastle’s Globe on Sunday 10th April, Bartalk encapsulates Noonan’s interest in the topic which has recently been exacerbated by the events of the ongoing pandemic. As millions were forced into essentially solitary confinement, the mental health of the nation suffered. Through his rhythmic storytelling and with the help of the Ligeti Quartet, this percussive classical monodramatic collaboration tells the story of those isolated by necessity for the sake of global health.

Sean Noonan and Ligeti Quartet present Bartalk at The Globe, Newcastle on Sunday 10th April.


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