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It’s often said that communication is key; which is a mantra that you surely have to take to heart when you decide to become a comedian trying to translate your words into laughs. But is it possible to talk only about talking for a full show? There’s one stand-up who’s risen to the challenge. Rob Auton is no stranger to themed shows (his previous stand-up performances have included musings exclusively on water, faces, the sky and even the colour yellow), and this time he’s looking at the art of speech, weaving wisdom and wit about words into his handily titled new stand-up production, The Talk Show.

Headed to ARC, Stockton on Friday 8th March and The Stand in Newcastle on Tuesday 16th April, Auton will not only offer up a series of puns and one-liners about the mysteries of the English language (although that would probably produce at least a good few dozen scripts’ worth of material alone). Instead, he’ll be interweaving these moments with thoughtful and endearing spoken word pieces that have a real emotional impact, and it’s a combination that made The Talk Show the second best reviewed show at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. Bring a thesaurus, as you might run out of words to describe Auton’s comedic brilliance.


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