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Image: Quadriptych by Theresa-Poulton

An experimental exhibition exploring visual communication through imagination, abstraction and making, Red + Green = Yellow opens for a one day preview on Wednesday 4th November at the NewBridge Project, Gateshead (and will reopen after lockdown until January). This active and vibrant artist-led community has selected five creatives to take part in this artistic process: James Ellis, geometric abstract painter Theresa Poulton, visual artist Catriona Beckett, experimental sculptor Eveleigh-Evans and Abi Freckleton, who uses sculpture, moving image and performance.

Each artist will present one existing work, which will be photographed. This photograph will then be given to one of the other artists in the exhibition without any other information. The five artists will then be commissioned to make one new work as a visual response to what they see in the photograph.

The immediate reactions and responses to the photographs when they are presented to the selected artists are of particular interest. A series of questions developed by the Programme Committee will prompt the artist to examine the significance of the photo in relation to their own practice. While considering the neural and artistic processes that will take place when developing the commissioned work, Red + Green = Yellow will examine what role the environment around each of the artists has played in the production of their work.

As a part of NewBridge’s Overmorrow programme, a series of workshops and events exploring the common and diverse responses to new information and visual cues will take place during the exhibition, featuring a diverse range of voices from artists and scientists who explore vision and perception within their fields of practice.

Red + Green = Yellow opens for a one day preview at NewBridge Project, Gateshead on Wednesday 4th November

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