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Andy Warhol once said at an exhibition in Sweden in 1968 that “in the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” Considering the platforms we have nowadays to put ourselves out there, maybe he was right. TV Talent Shows, YouTube, blogs, or even sheer chance on social media can all propel someone from just being another Ordinary Joe to the hottest thing on the planet. But fame is also fickle. Very fickle. If you’re not that talented people will see through you eventually, even if it takes a while for them to click on.

How do we measure talent though? Ali Pritchard’s latest DIY work sets teams on a quest to rack up as many points as they can, testing their groups abilities and talents to the limit. Who knows what kind of challenges await, or how anyone’s going to keep score with such subjective tasks, but the prize is one everyone wants to get: their very own 15 minutes of fame. It’s an unashamedly silly comedy with some surprisingly deep concepts behind it, striking a balance between surreal and profound. If you don’t like to be preached at about celebrity culture, Quest for Stardom will get your grey matter working for long after its hijinks are over.

Quest for Stardom comes to the Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Tuesday 31st March.

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