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Image: PSOTY

It’s always nice to get something you didn’t expect; the same analogy…bear with us…can be extended to music too. Hence the glory of improvised music – you’ll never hear the same thing twice, and the heavier end of the musical spectrum can often provide a surprising and utterly satisfying experience.

Praise be then, for local noise rockers Waheela, who bring their weird and wonderful riffs and shrieking feedback to Head of Steam on Saturday 13th August in a ‘never to be experienced twice’ gig (see where we’re going here?).

Ably assisting are tour conspirators and headliners PSOTY (also known as Pet Slimmers of the Year, fact fans), whose predominantly instrumental sound is heavy with punishing guitars and genre-bending melodies, providing a suitably thrilling live sound. Bringing up the rear, as it were, are local noise rock trio Knots, who peddle tight rhythms and mathy rock.

With tickets a mere fiver, it’s a once in a lifetime offer!

PSOTY, Waheela and Knots play Head of Steam, Newcastle on Saturday 13th August.


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