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Image: Sensory Cellumonials by Baum and Leahy

In this groundbreaking work, artists have collaborated with researchers and scientists to create art which explores the make-up of the human body. Engineered by the international scientific research project, The Human Cell Atlas, who are creating a map of every cell type in the human body in order to better understand biology and disease, a digital exhibition of work by 13 artists seeks to further explore our understanding of our own biology in a uniquely accessible way.

Primarily an online exhibition, with some regional in-person events also taking place, highlights of the project include artist duo Baum & Leahy’s Sensory Cellumonials, a series of guided visual and aural meditations informed by our senses; experimental film Call Of The Silent Cell by Paul Smith and Vicky Isley delves into research of the immune system; dance and moving image artist Anna Macdonald’s series of films, images and text, Ways Of Doing Things, was created in collaboration with transplant recipients and demonstrates the remarkable ways we connect with each other; and montage film Constellations by artists Esther Teichmann and Christopher Stewart explores the intertwining narratives of the Human Cell Atlas research.

A live event of Stacey Pitsillides’ Donate Yourself takes place in Newcastle on Sunday 31st October, and discusses stories of care, trust, immortality and consent in an augmented reality journey, questioning how we may see our bodies after death. The live event will include a guided tour of augmented reality artworks through the Ouseburn Valley.

A host of learning projects and further collaborations also make up this fascinating project, which will be hosted online from Friday 29th October-Tuesday 30th November.

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