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Image by by Idil Sukan

We’re in a weird place as a society. We’ve got presidents throwing hissy fits and shutting down governments, we’ve got governments throwing hissy fits and trying to shut down prime ministers… and we’ve got the people these politicians are supposed to be representing too busy waiting for a new series of Love Island to take any notice of the hissy fits. It’s no wonder Mash Report host and unequivocal optimist Nish Kumar considers apocalyptic science fiction films like Terminator 2 as appropriate material to draw on for his shows.

His latest show, It’s In Your Nature To Destroy Yourselves, which comes to Tyne Theatre & Opera House, Newcastle on Friday 22nd March, explores the current state of mankind. Are we in fact hurtling towards global catastrophe due to our political, social and environmental failures as a society? Because let’s face it, at this rate, if a time travelling robot appeared with the duty to protect the future leader of a resistance which will save humanity from destruction, would anyone really be surprised? At the very least we’d know that there’d still be hope for humanity, which in itself is quite uplifting. In the meantime, while we struggle on in this time of political turmoil, at least Nish Kumar can get some jokes out of it.

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