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I’m in an unusual but possibly common situation for my generation: my first encounter with Marcus Brigstocke was in the CBBC television series Stupid! For those who have never witnessed this surreal children’s show, King Stupid (Brigstocke) looks over the earth from his otherworldly castle and makes the human race do stupid stuff. Nowadays, this ridiculous concept of a puppet master being responsible for the absolute mayhem of humanity would be preferable to reality.

At least Marcus Brigstocke is still as seemingly omnipresent as his alter-ego in his new stand up show Devil May Care, which he will perform at Durham’s Gala Theatre on Monday 17th and Stockton’s ARC on Wednesday 19th September. He’s apparently still a fan of donning different guises: this time taking ‘devil’s advocate’ to its logical conclusion. Marcus ‘Lucifer’ Brigstocke will be investigating the best and worst of humanity; from grammar Nazis, feminazis, to like…actual Nazis, it’s time to decide once and for all who has been unfairly labelled as bad, and who is actually bad. Spoiler alert: I think the people who try and limit the rights of others based on their own prejudicial views are the unsavoury characters. And that’s coming from the Devil himself…

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