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It’s clear from the cover of Raise A Glass that Leddie MC means business on her second full-length solo album, available from this month. She may have got married and started to come to terms with the natural cycles of life (her nan and niece are both feature on the front) however, that has not quenched the Middlesbrough lass’s thirst for a contentious situation to wax lyrical on. The opening title track takes her trademark socially and territorially charged commentary and ratchets it up a notch and is a fine statement of intent.

That Leddie is engaging with music fans across the region stylistically as well as geographically is to be applauded on tracks such as Hunting The Hunter and They Want To Know, where the production detail is extended to encompass blues guitar while the latter’s visceral delivery juxtaposed with the laid back, summery chorus places her closer to the zeitgeist than she has ever been. In fact, multi-talented Alex Bailey’s knob twiddling gives Raise A Glass a slick edge that backs up claims this stuff should be on national radio. Something’s Gotta Give is more frantic, as if the MC is literally bursting to get it all out there, while I’ve Been On Fire and Rising are similarly at the cutting edge of contemporary rap; but it’s on the much darker and murkily organic Calling where Leddie really finds her voice as she converses on the miniature of regional hip-hop.

Leaving the most impressive to last, it’s closer Pursuit Of Happiness (remixed by Bailey) that sees the duo really flex their collective muscle as they show they can also cut it with the grime and higher bpm crowd. Peered with, or perhaps paired against, Ronin Clan but with a housey chorus thrown in for good measure. It’s a hotchpotch of ideas that somehow doesn’t over-egg the pudding and showcases just how well the pair work together and how far Leddie has come. She’ll be performing at Hole in the Wall, Darlington on Sunday 4th November, catch her now before she goes stratospheric.


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