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Great comedy adapts to the zeitgeist it belongs to, and great political satire both reflects the farce it seeks to parody whilst informing also. The New Statesman responded to Thatcher’s third term, The Colbert Report held a mirror to the Bush Administration and The Thick Of It sent up New Labour and Conservatism. I wonder if in a few years time twenty-somethings will speak of Jonathan Pie and his deconstruction of British politics during the Brexit-era with the same reverence.

What Tom Walker’s alter-ego commentator does so brilliantly is use the platforms of contemporary media to cut through the tape and reach the public directly. With over thirty million views on YouTube he’s one of the most watched comics in the country. Pie adheres to his own politics and the journalist-on-location set-up enables immediate responses to current affairs. In a time when being first is more important than being correct, he wields a sword of Damocles over mainstream news and politics. Fortunately, his is a righteous cause, seeking to expose establishment hypocrisy and corporate greed on both left and right. Now Walker brings his roving reporter back to the studio for a huge domestic tour, which takes in Newcastle’s City Hall on Wednesday 21st March. Sparks will fly.

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