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Toting what’s certain to be the most oddball of comedy show titles you’ll read this month, comedian John-Luke Roberts brings All I Wanna Do Is [FX: GUNSHOTS] With A [FX: GUN RELOADING] And A [FX: CASH REGISTER] And Perform Some Comedy! (told you…) to Stockton’s ARC on Friday 10th May.

With the obvious exception of making up succinct comedy show titles, John-Luke is a talented writer; he’s contributed to such lauded shows as Have I Got News For You, Newzoids and Nevermind The Buzzcocks and had a sitcom – Bull, co-written with Gareth Gwynn – aired on UKTV Gold and starring Robert Lindsay and Maureen Lipman, which we’re betting earns him peak bragging rights down the pub.

In all seriousness, John-Luke’s an extremely funny guy; his absurd character-fuelled comedy features everything from weird costumes to clowning with dynamic flair (and sometimes with a blue moustache) and quite a lot about the Spice Girls. Rightly lauded for his often bizarre nonsense, it’s hardly surprising he’s got six critically acclaimed Edinburgh shows under his belt. A self-confessed ‘silly man’, John-Luke’s a cult hit.


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