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Between co-hosting Snackmasters, Netflix’s Crazy Delicious and staring in Neil Gainman’s Good Omens (not to mention the humongous roster of panel shows and TV appearances she’s made), it is easy to establish Jayde Adams as a TV presence working her way to the top of the ladder. With a powerful resume, the comedian is a TV favourite, especially since her recent residency on Strictly Come Dancing.

Making her way back to the stage, Jayde Adam’s undeniable presence is a sight to behold. Her newest tour, Men, I Can Save You, is a hilarious plea to men, as Jayde guides them hand in hand to a better place. Deliberately preachy, self-aware and honest, the special is a very tongue-in-cheek response to the changing of the times.

While podcast aficionados may know her iconic episode on Offmenu, and TV fans may be more familiar with her Hypothetical features, anyone who has seen her work can attest that Jayde Adams is as commanding a presence as she is a chaotic one.

Jayde Adams performs at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 25th April and Gala Theatre, Durham on Saturday 13th May.



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