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Eyebrows: not only are they theorised to aid human interaction and prevent unwanted moisture from entering the eyeballs, but they’re also the subject of a range of fashion trends. That more cosmetic aspect to the facial feature is also the reason that Gary Meikle shot to viral fame, after posting a YouTube video of himself having a bit of a rant about his daughter’s brows.

It’s little surprise then that the Scottish award-winning comedian’s upcoming show at ARC, Stockton on Saturday 18th January takes us through a myriad of eyebrow musings, from eyebrow etiquette to how they’ve come to completely change his life, in a show which is rather aptly named The iBrow Guy.

It won’t all just be brow banter though. He’ll also be taking us through some of his life story, including coming from a troubled childhood, his parenting experiences and becoming a granddad before he was 40, all with a charismatic, humorous charm. It’ll also give an insight into the mind of the rising star, giving him a platform to air his thoughts in a way he hadn’t been able to previously. Don’t worry though: your eyebrows don’t have to be on point to experience his dark yet playful and witty observations.

Gary Meikle is at ARC, Stockton on Saturday 18th January

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